Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography


The SDMS PAC is an essential component in the Society's efforts to represent the interest of the membership. It enables the association to send a strong, collective, bipartisan message to members of Congress that the sonographer members of the SDMS are committed to supporting those candidates in Congress that are engaged and supportive of our efforts to further the interests and policy positions of the SDMS. 


Our Mission

The SDMS PAC was established to preserve and promote good government, fiscal responsibility in government and the private business enterprise system, in particular with respect to Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

To achieve our mission, the SDMS PAC is organized and exclusively operated for the purpose of soliciting and accepting voluntary personal political contributions from individual SDMS members and employees, accepting unsolicited contributions from permissible sources, and making contributions and expenditures to support or oppose the candidacy, nomination and election of candidates for federal office and for such other political purposes as authorized by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a PAC?

  • Why is the SDMS PAC important to the SDMS and members like me?

  • Doesn’t the SDMS already have a Legislative/Regulatory Fund?

  • I hear campaign contributions called 'hard money' and 'soft money.' What is the difference and how does this impact a PAC?

  • Are there limits to the amount that can be contributed?

  • I can’t contribute a large amount of money. Will my small contribution really help?

  • Does this process have the SDMS PAC "buying" votes?

  • Are there limits to the amount of money that can be contributed to a candidate?

  • Can the SDMS PAC give money to state elected officials?

  • How can I make a contribution?

  • What is the difference between lobbying and advocacy activities?

  • As a member volunteer, I have made calls to my legislators asking them to support the CARE bill. Does this mean I need to register as a lobbyist?