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TitleActivity TypeSpecialtyPublished DateExpiration DateTest TakenTotal Credits
    Total Current Credits:  238.25       Total Future Credits:  1.00    Total Credits: 41.25
 5True1005AC07: The Profession’s IdentityOther[OT]  06/21/2016No1
 6True1004AC07: Legal-Medical Issues for the SonographerOther[OT]  07/01/2016No1
 7True1006AC07: Imaging of the AortaOther[VT]  06/24/2016No1
 8True1007AC07: Hemodynamics and the Colorado RiverOther[VT]  06/02/2016No1
 9True1008AC07: Things You Thought You Knew About Doppler SonographyOther[VT]  06/07/2016No1
 10True1009AC07: Doppler WaveformsOther[VT]  07/01/2016No1
 11True1010AC07: Sonography of Inflammatory ConditionsOther[AB]  06/02/2016No1
 12True1011AC07: Echo Essentials Needed to Diagnosis Diastolic DysfunctionOther[AE]  06/07/2016No1
 13True1012AC07: Sonography of Transplanted OrgansOther[AB]  06/16/2016No1
 14True1013AC06: Career Pathways Panel DiscussionOther[OT]  07/01/2017No1
 15True1014AC06: Financing Your Future With Sonography CredentialsOther[OT]  07/01/2016No1
 16True1015AC06: Essential Interviewing/Negotiating SkillsOther[OT]  07/11/2017No1
 18True1017AC06: Managing Risk: Your Career Depends On It!Other[OT]  07/01/2017No1
 106True1105Professional Risk Management for SonographersOther[OT]  06/02/2016No1
 107True1106Quality in Ultrasound - Credentialing and Accreditation ExplainedOther[OT]  07/01/2016No1
 109True1108Perception is Reality - Image of a ProfessionalOther[OT]  02/21/2017No1
 322True1252AC07: The Future of SonographyOther[OT]  06/04/2016No1.5
 12342True12783JDMS CME Collection Series: Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices(IUCDs) and SonographyOther[OB]  03/30/2018No1
 12345True12785JDMS CME Collection Series: Cardiac TumorsOther[AE]  03/30/2018No1
 12346True12788JDMS CME Collection Series: Neck SonographyOther[AB]  03/23/2018No1
 12347True12790JDMS CME Collection Series: Renal PathologyOther[AB]  03/23/2018No1
 12349True12791JDMS CME Collection Series: Neonatal Adrenal DiseaseOther[AB]  03/23/2018No1
 12361True12801JDMS CME Collection Series: Fetal Echocardiography and Transposition of the Great ArteriesOther[FE]  03/20/2017No1
 12363True12806JDMS CME Collection Series: Infective EndocarditisOther[AE]  03/30/2016No1
 12371True12809JDMS CME Collection Series: Neonatal NeurosonographyOther[NE]  03/30/2018No1
 12380True12815JDMS CME Collection Series: Liver HemangiomaOther[AB]  03/30/2017No1
 12381True12821JDMS CME Collection Series: Placenta Accreta: Sonographic DiagnosisOther[OB]  03/30/2018No1
 12382True12822JDMS CME Collection Series: Pseudoaneurysms-Sonographic AppearancesOther[VT]  03/30/2018No1
 12383True12823JDMS CME Collection Series: Peripheral Arterial Hemodynamics-Sonographic ApperancesOther[VT]  03/30/2017No1
 12384True12824JDMS CME Collection Series: Sonographic Evaluation of Ectopic PregnancyOther[OB]  03/30/2018No1
 12390True12826JDMS CME Collection Series: Carotid Artery PathologiesOther[VT]  03/30/2018No1
 12393True12833JDMS CME Collection Series: CardiomyopathyOther[AE]  03/23/2017No1
 12395True12834JDMS CME Collection Series: Scrotal SonographyOther[AB]  03/30/2016No1
 12399True12836JDMS CME Collection Series: Chronic Venous InsufficiencyOther[VT]  03/30/2018No1
 12406True12837JDMS CME Collection Series: Abdominal Wall MassesOther[AB]  03/23/2017No1
 20379True196332013 SDMS Stephen M McLaughlin PresentationOther[OT]  12/18/2017No0.75
 20663True19907Summary Analysis of Arterial Doppler Waveform Characterization: Past, Present, & FutureOther[OT]  01/22/2017No0.75
 22150True21382SCIP: Assessing CompetencyOther[OT]  03/30/2017No1
 22151True21383SCIP: How to Provide Effective Feedback to Improve Clinical SkillsOther[OT]  03/30/2017No0.75
 22152True21384SCIP: Remediation: What does it mean and how to do it effectivelyOther[OT]  03/30/2017No0.5
 22153True21385SCIP: Creating Educational Moments in a Busy DepartmentOther[OT]  03/30/2017No1
 22154True21386SCIP: Learning-Style Directed Clinical EducationOther[OT]  03/30/2017No1
 26888True25877SCIP: Assessing CompetencyOther  06/16/2018No0
 27110True26089SCIP: Learning-Style Directed Clinical EducationOther  06/16/2018No0
 27112True26090SCIP: How to Provide Effective Feedback to Improve Clinical SkillsOther  06/16/2018No0
 27113True26091SCIP: Remediation: What does it mean and how to do it effectivelyOther  06/16/2018No0
 27114True26092SCIP: Creating Educational Moments in a Busy DepartmentOther  06/16/2018No0