Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

SDMS CME Management System

Beginning ​April 19, all SDMS CME Provider users must have an SDMS login and be associated with their organization in the SDMS database to access the SDMS CME Management System and submit rosters and new applications. Any CME activity applications submitted before the implementation of the new system (and all previously approved activities) will NOT be affected by the above policy change.

Below are some of the common questions SDMS CME Providers have about offering CME Credit. If you have any questions, please contact the SDMS Learning Department at or 214-473-8057.

SDMS CME Providers FAQs

  • Will the activity application fees change with the new system?

  • Do I need a login if I am a current SDMS CME Provider user?

  • Is my organization required to be an SDMS Organizational Member?

  • Organizational Membership Tiers 2 - 5 include “beneficiaries”. What are beneficiaries?

  • Will I still be required to pay application processing fees if my organization is an organizational member?

  • Am I required to maintain my individual membership as well as an organizational membership?

  • My educational program is accredited by CAAHEP. Are there any discounts on SDMS Organizational Membership for my program?

  • Will Clinical Instructorship applications remain free to CAAHEP accredited educational programs who are organizational members?

  • I have recently submitted a new activity application. Will I be required to reapply for that activity?

  • Can I assign my staff to manage SDMS CME Provider applications and rosters?