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by Manju Alexander

"I will remember you forever" - parting words of Khin Mi Mi, a woman Katherine Matthews, RDCS, met during her 2015 Cardiostart International medical mission to Myanmar. 

SDMS Foundation - Myanmar International Assistance 2015

Financial assistance provided by the SDMS Foundation allowed Katherine, an adult and pediatric cardiac sonographer with over 18 years of experience, to spend two weeks in Myanmar performing cardiac ultrasounds and reporting her findings to local and American surgeons traveling with the medical mission team. 

SDMS Foundation - Myanmar International Assistance 2015

Patients lined up for hours for evaluations and many were in desperate need of medical attention. Ultrasound was a very useful diagnostic tool as it provided real-time imaging with information about anatomy, function, and blood flow. Katherine's knowledge of echocardiography allowed her to provide useful, diagnostic information for evaluation and where appropriate, recommendations for future management. 

Like her new friend, Khin Mi Mi, Katherine will never forget the people of Myanmar and their gratitude for her participation in the medical mission. 
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A donation to the SDMS Foundation will help support SDMS members who are working or assisting in the international healthcare arena. In 2015, the SDMS Foundation also provided 65 certifications exam grants, 2 scholarships and 111 SDMS Annual Conference grants. 
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