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Make a Difference for Sonographers

by Manju Alexander

Read how the SDMS Foundation has made a difference
in the lives of these sonographers.


The SDMS Foundation Exam Grant has helped me tremendously. With the help of the grant, I was able to take one of my boards. The grant also included a study book that helped prepare me for my examination. Because of the help from the SDMS Foundation, upon graduating I was offered a job. Now, I am working full time doing what I love – taking care of patients, giving back to the community, and being part of something bigger than myself. - Sheng Yang, RDMS, RT(R)


I want to say again how grateful I am for receiving the student scholarship from the SDMS Foundation. I have put the money towards my lingering financial burdens from tuition costs and to help begin paying back my student loans. As a new graduate, I have begun to understand how important my quality education is and how much I value what I have learned from the people I worked with to get me where I am today. This scholarship also made me appreciate how the SDMS Foundation gives back and supports newcomers in the field of sonography and their education. 
- Ashley Grainger, RDMS, RVT

Yes, I want to make a difference!