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SDMS President's Message - November 2017

by Tammy Stearns
Tammy Stearns 200x300 with paddingDear SDMS Members,

I am honored to be serving as your SDMS President for the next two years. At this year’s annual conference in Dallas, it was surreal to be sitting in the audience listening to the founders of our Society share the beginnings of our profession. It was humbling as they discussed the early beginnings of not only ultrasound, but also the profession that we, you and I, enjoy today. The milestones that they treacherously crossed, looking not inward at how they, themselves, might benefit, but looking forward thinking of the sonographers that would come after them for generations to come. As they were forging new ground in a newly emerging imaging modality, they were laying the groundwork for us.

Later at the SDMS Presidents Luncheon, I listened as they discussed further the decisions that they had made in light of today’s realities. I listened not just to the words, but also to the passion that still enveloped their conversation about our profession. The pride, the ownership, and the desire to continue contributing to the profession inspired me. I remembered back to what first enticed me into the field of sonography. A lead sonographer, who had been a sonographer for years, had just scanned something he hadn’t seen before. As a shadow student, I observed experienced sonographers coming together with books opened wide trying to identify what had been seen. Life-long learners with a compassion that extends far beyond commitment.

Today, as sonographers, we are faced with demands from all angles. From exam counts, to repetitive musculoskeletal injury, to constant change, one thing has remained the same. The enticement of sonography extends far beyond the demands of a daily job and into the passion of a professional. Inside all of us, seems to be the common thread of being the first to “see” whether it be a pregnancy or cancer for the first time. We serve in a unique role and responsibility that only those within our profession can truly understand.

Each of us has the opportunity to “pay-it-forward”. As we continue to reap the rewards and benefits of those who have come before us, we can help, not only currently practicing sonographers, but we can impact our profession for generations to come through the SDMS Foundation. Help that goes right back into our sonography community through grants, scholarships, international assistance, and disaster relief. The SDMS Foundation provides SDMS Annual Conference Grants that assist sonographers with attending the SDMS Annual Conference along with Certification Exam Grants that help to alleviate the financial burden of becoming credentialed. Through the SDMS Foundation, scholarships are also available for sonographers and student in sonography programs. By coming together as sonographers, we can become part of something bigger than ourselves as the history of sonography continues to be written.


Tammy Stearns

Tammy Stearns, ​MS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS
SDMS and SDMS Foundation President

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