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Sonographers Making Waves - Amal Guirguis

by Katie Kuntz, MEd, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS

Sonographers Making Waves - Amal Guirguis
Sonographers Making Waves
Amal Guirguis, RDMS, RVT

How long have you been a sonographer?
I have been a sonographer for six and a half years.

Where are you located?
I currently live in Laguna Niguel, California.

How did you become interested in your career?
I had previously earned a BA from the University of Helwan, Egypt from a five-year program with a major of Interior Architect and a minor in Interior Design. I was very successful in my career, but in 2009, we left Egypt. When I immigrated to the USA, I was not able to continue in the design field. I quickly realized I had two choices for a career – work for minimum wage and have a simple job, or continue my education and be able to provide a better future for my family and myself. I chose to pursue the medical field.

A career in sonography had always been very interesting to me. I knew that through imaging I could share in patient care and help others. Using imaging to assist physicians in diagnosis was very appealing to me. Therefore, I enrolled in and graduated first in my class from a local college with a 4.0 GPA. I love my new career.

Where ​do you work?
After graduating from my DMS program, I briefly worked part-time at a clinic and held a per-diem position performing abdomen, OB/GYN, and vascular exams.

I currently work as a vascular instructor at CBD College, a California nonprofit organization accredited by CAAHEP. I travel 120 miles roundtrip and am on campus from 8:30am to 10pm for my job. Don’t feel sorry for me given the long commute though, because I love what I do! I know that my students are becoming medical professionals and that I am part of their success.

How have you been “Making Waves?”
In 2009, I immigrated to the USA from Egypt with my husband and three sons. Without my family and close friends knowing, I registered and was accepted into a local college that offered a DMS program in 2010. Even though I was trilingual in Egyptian Arabic, French, and English, English was not a language that I had mastered. This made the DMS program especially challenging for me. Not only did I need to learn medical terminology and the entire sonography curriculum, I also had to deal with learning it all in English. In addition to the language issues, I found my DMS program was very fast-paced which meant I had to study a lot. I welcomed the challenges.

My schedule consisted of studying from 5am to 7am, 8am to 3:30pm at the college, and studying again from 7pm -10pm, while still keeping up with responsibilities of a busy mother and wife in between with my husband’s support. I maintained this schedule every day and my efforts led to success. I am proud that I passed my SPI on the first try before I began my clinical internship. In addition to clinical rotations, I volunteered helping patients and staff and successfully passed my ARDMS certifications in Abdomen and Vascular Technology.

Not long afterwards, in 2013, I began working at my current position at CBD College in Los Angeles, California. As a Vascular/Abdomen Instructor, I reach out to each student in my classroom —including those who might face challenges like those that I did. I am always willing to go that extra mile and mentor or tutor to make sure that students are successful and ready for their clinical rotations. I constantly encourage them to keep studying and not let any obstacles get in the way of their career. I am proud to be part of a 100% vascular certification pass rate for the students I have taught.

I also enjoy my volunteer role of being a vascular item writer for the ARDMS since 2016.        

What would you like to tell other SDMS members to inspire them to make a difference and enrich their careers?
I want to tell all SDMS members to stay current by using all available resources to continue their medical education. They can do this in many ways including reading the JDMS and participating in SDMS webinars. Keep learning by studying and completing more certifications. Most importantly, love what you do.

Do you know a sonographer who is doing something out of the ordinary? Whether it is a grand gesture or a small moment that makes a difference in someone’s life, the SDMS would like to hear about it so that we can share it with you. So, if YOU know someone who is making waves, tell us at!