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SDMS President's Message - May 2018

by Tammy Stearns

Tammy Stearns 200x300 with paddingDear SDMS Members,

As part of our commitment to providing relevant informational resources to our members, I am excited to share with you the newly released On-Call and Callback Issues in Sonography SDMS white paper. The SDMS white papers are designed to facilitate discussions on the complex issues affecting our profession.

While we recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for every sonography department, the On-Call and Callback Issues in Sonography SDMS white paper addresses topics such as:

  • Implications of at-will employment on on-call and call back issues,
  • Exempt versus non-exempt status for sonographers,
  • The factors affecting facility use of on-call and callback, and
  • Strategies for developing effective callback policies.

This white paper also includes case studies designed to illustrate the different ways a facility can address on-call and call back issues. If you are struggling with on-call or call back issues, I encourage you to use this white paper to start a discussion with your employer and fellow sonographers. You can also post your questions or share your personal experience addressing on-call and call back issues using the SDMS Collaborate Community.

Thank you for being a valued SDMS member and for the sacrifice of serving our patients during callback hours. You do make a difference.

If you have suggestions for future SDMS white papers, please contact the SDMS at:


Tammy Stearns

Tammy Stearns, ​MS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS
SDMS and SDMS Foundation President

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