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by Manju Alexander


Congratulations to Rebecca Flick! She is one of the 2019 recipients of the SDMS Foundation Sonography Student Scholarship. Her career goal is to be a sonographer who consistently continues their education and makes a significant difference within the field. When considering a career in sonography, Rebecca was fascinated by the science of ultrasound. She compared the job of a sonographer to that of an artist, “Sonographers need to be confident, flexible and adaptive. The transducer is our paintbrush and the patient is our canvas. It is our job as sonographers to create high quality diagnostic images while ensuring our patients have positive experiences.”

Rebecca is completing her bachelor's degree in diagnostic medical sonography at Misericordia University in Pennsylvania, and recently began a full time job as a perinatology sonographer. Her love of healthcare began at a very young age, after volunteering at a hospital in eighth grade. Since then, her passion to care for others has continued to flourish.

In addition to school and work, Rebecca enjoys spending time outside. In her spare time, she trains and completes triathlons and half marathons. She knows the feeling that you get at the end of the finish line - whether it be a steep hill at the end of a race or studying after a long day at work - is always worth the effort.

The SDMS wishes Rebecca the best of luck. Her patients are lucky to have her as their sonographer.

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