Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

SDMS Board Policy: Volunteer Conflict of Interest

SDMS volunteers must avoid conflicts of interest that could impact the SDMS or its Board, Board Committees, Advisory Committees, Task Forces, or other volunteers. The impact of a conflict of interest, or perception of a conflict of interest, may be reduced through an understanding of the types of conflicts of interest and how to properly disclose and address conflicts of interest.

Volunteers must complete at least annually, and update as necessary, a conflict of interest disclosure form. Prior to or at the beginning of a Board, Board Committee, Advisory Committee, or Task Force meeting, volunteers must also disclose all conflicts of interest related to any item on a meeting agenda. A conflict of interest may require the volunteer to be recused from part or all of the meeting.

Adopted by the SDMS Board of Directors, January 1, 2017.

For service on the SDMS Board of Directors or the following SDMS committees: Bylaws, Ethics, Finance, Membership and/or Nominating, it would be considered a conflict of interest if a prospective candidate were:

  • Concurrently serving on a similar governing board or committee of another national or international sonography/ultrasound professional association.