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SDMS Virtual Seminars - sponsored by Philips
The 2024 SDMS Virtual Seminars are sponsored by Philips Healthcare. Offered throughout the year, the SDMS Virtual Seminars focus on specialty specific content. Presented virtually, attendees have the opportunity to attend sessions, chat with attendees and speakers, and earn SDMS CME credits from the comfort of their own home or office.

SDMS Virtual Seminar - Abdominal Plus

Saturday, June 22, 2024
10 AM – 2 PM Central  |  Earn up to ​4 SDMS CME Credits

Abdominal+ Virtual Seminar Pricing:
$59 for SDMS Members
$29 for SDMS Student Members
$159 for Non-Members
Where is the Pain Coming From? Epididymo-Orchitis Testicular Case
1 SDMS CME credit  |  Category: AB  |  Content Level: Intermediate

This presentation will start with brief introduction to embryology and ductal sex differentiation to allow understanding the origin of the organ of interest (testes & epididymis). We will review the anatomy of the male reproductive system, define epididymo-orchitis, and how to diagnose it. There will be an overview of all testicular pathologies.

  • Review the anatomy of scrotum.
  • Define epididymo-orchitis.
  • Discuss the power of Doppler in diagnosing pathologies.
Rawan Alsukairi photo

Presented by:
Rawan Alsukairi, BS, RDMS
Specialty Imaging Sonographer (Ultrasound)
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

An Overview of Elastography of the Liver
Presentation provided by Philips Healthcare
​1 SDMS CME credit  |  Category: AB  |  Content Level: Beginner

What is the difference between the various types of elastography? What are the new terms for fatty liver? How is liver elastography used clinically? This presentation will answer these questions as it discusses the role of elastography in fatty liver disease.

  • Discuss the differences between transient elastography (TE)and Acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) elastography.
  • Discuss the new nomenclature for fatty liver disease.
  • Describe the progression from fatty liver to cirrhosis.
Robert DeJong Photo

Presented by:
Bob DeJong, LLC

Innovations in Prostate Ultrasound and Diagnosis
1 SDMS CME credit  |  Category: AB  |  Content Level: Intermediate

This presentation reviews the current diagnostic tools utilized in the identification of prostate cancer and will explore new ultrasound tools that are emerging to aid imaging of suspected disease. A review of the use of the new technology of micro-ultrasound in the clinical setting in the United Kingdom (UK) will be presented.

  • Understand the prevalence of prostate cancer and the rationale for fusion guided biopsy.
  • Review the diagnostic dilemmas associated with prostate cancer.
  • Understand the role of ultrasound, and the use of emerging novel technologies, in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Pamela Parker photo

Presented by:
Pamela Parker, MSc.
Consultant Sonographer
Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (UK)

Gimme a Break, Fractures, and Bony Pathology Seen with MSK Ultrasound
1 SDMS CME credit  |  Category: MSK  |  Content Level: Intermediate

Historically, ultrasound isn't usually the first modality used to assess fractures. However, there are many instances where it may be the initial modality in an investigative workup to assess a patient's symptoms. The increased resolution, ability to target an area of concern, comparison with a contralateral limb, and its relative availability make it a useful complement to radiographs. This presentation will demonstrate the appearance of discrete fractures and highlight more subtle fractures, as well as secondary characteristics that may help radiologists determine additional imaging modalities. There will also be examples of more subtle bony pathologies, which may mimic fracture-like symptoms. This presentation may be useful for those looking to extend their musculoskeletal assessments beyond common tendon routines and will highlight when one should become more aware of the possibility of a bony pathology.

  • Review sonographic appearance of bone and what a fracture looks like sonographically.
  • Identify secondary characteristics which may help one to identify subtle fractures.
  • Learn about some bony pathologies one may encounter when performing MSK ultrasound.
Luke McLeod

Presented by:
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Mayfair Diagnostics

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