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SDMS Professional Liability Insurance

Are you fully protected from professional liability claims that may be made against you in your daily work? Does the coverage provided by your employer prioritize you, your interests, and your professional reputation?
Adequate professional liability insurance is crucial to your ultrasound career, and coverage provided by your employer may not be sufficient. Having your own policy guarantees that a claim made against you will be covered, e​ven if you change employers.

  • Zero Deductible - No out-of-pocket expenses if a claim is made
  • Occurrence-Based Coverage - Ongoing protection after the coverage period has ended
  • High Limits - Up to $1,000,000/$6,000,000 in liability coverage
  • There ​When You Need It - Unlimited Legal Defense Costs
  • Portable - Move between jobs/employers and your coverage follows
  • Affordable – Full-time premiums as low as $65 a year
  • First-Year Discount: 50% new to practice discount for recent graduates
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To apply or for more information visit or call SDMS Insurance Services at +1 844.641.7367. ​Please note that SDMS Professional Liability Insurance is a benefit only available to SDMS members.


Questions to Ask Your Employer

If you are depending solely upon your employer for your professional liability protection, there are a number of issues you need to consider. Remember, you can be sued in the future even if you are no longer be working for your current employer.

  • Has your employer provided you with written verification (such as a Certificate of Insurance) that you are covered?
  • Does your employer's coverage refer to you by name in the policy?
  • Does your employer's policy have a separate limit of liability for you so that coverage cannot be used up by others covered by the same policy?
  • Will your employer provide legal counsel representing your interests about who is a fault, even when it is in conflict with your employer's allegations?
  • Will your employer advise you of settlement offer made to those suing you before they are made?
  • Will your employer reimburse you for loss of income because you are required to attend a trial or participate in pre-trial meetings? 
  • Will your employer reimburse you for costs of legal representation for licensure and/or administrative review?
  • If you moonlight on a contract basis, does your employer's policy cover you?


Frequently Asked Questions About SDMS Professional Liability Insurance

  • Defense Costs

  • Consent to Settle

  • Defendant's Reimbursement

  • Options Available

  • Legal Fees Reimbursement for Deposition Testimony

  • Supplemental Liability Coverage

  • Liberalization Clause

  • Worldwide Coverage


​About the Insurer

Coverage under the SDMS Program is underwritten by an AM Best A+ (Superior) rated insurance carrier known for providing quality professional liability coverage to medical and healthcare professionals. 
The SDMS program is administered by SDMS Insurance Services, which was formed to provide insurance services to SDMS members.  

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