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Sonographers Making Waves - Christina Weber

by Katie Kuntz, MEd, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS

Christina Weber - Sonographers Making Waves
Sonographers Making Waves
Christina Weber, BA, RDMS, RVT

How long have you been a sonographer? Where do you work?
I have been a registered sonographer for 8 years.  I am ARDMS certified in Abdomen, OB/GYN, and Vascular. I reside in the sunshine of Florida on the Gulf Coast, not far from Tampa. I am currently the lead sonographer for Urology Partners, a six physician practice in Bradenton, FL. 

How did you become interested in your career? 
I began my sonography journey in 2007 after realizing my current position in retail pharmacy was not going to be fulfilling long term. I knew I needed something focused more on patient care, and hands on. I enrolled in a local Diagnostic Medical Sonography program in Georgia – where we lived at the time – and the rest is history!
How have you been “Making Waves?”
A lot of sonographers and sonography students begin their careers through rotations in women’s health centers, but my career path took a slightly different turn. I found my calling in men’s health. As a student, I completed a clinical rotation at a urology practice and really felt that there was a possibility of making a difference in that setting. As a senior student, I was offered a tech assistant position at the clinic, and upon graduating became a full-time sonographer on staff. I worked for 2 years in urology/men’s health. Eventually, I was offered the opportunity to try my hand in a new realm, OB/GYN. Over the course of my sonography journey, I also worked vascular call and I have done hospital work. But, in 2012, I had the opportunity to return to men’s health. I received a call from a former physician colleague and was offered the chance to relocate to sunny Florida. I came to work alongside him and his partners at Urology Partners in Florida in the summer of 2012 and haven’t looked back!  

I find that working primarily in men’s health I have an edge in the field doing urology specific studies. Because many sonographers don’t normally get clinical experience to specialty exams such as transrectal prostate and penile Doppler studies, I am able to share my knowledge and expertise.

What would you like to tell other SDMS members to inspire them to make a difference and enrich their careers? 
One of the rewarding parts of my job is that I enjoy working closely with patients, many of whom return every 6 months for follow-up care and sonograms. In this clinical out-patient setting, I have the opportunity to be involved in their long-term care, hear their stories, and be a part of their progress.

I hope that other sonographers, those beginning their careers and those who have been around for a while, take the opportunities to “step outside the box” and consider clinical practice in areas that might be new or different than the main focus of sonographic exams and procedures one learns about in sonography school. I never realized the men’s health/urologic world was an option, until I lucked out on getting a clinical rotation not many other students wanted! I wish all beginning and experienced sonographers will really explore ALL options in the field and find something they love as much as I have!

Do you know a sonographer who is doing something out of the ordinary? Whether it is a grand gesture or a small moment that makes a difference in someone’s life, the SDMS would like to hear about it so that we can share it with you. So, if YOU know someone who is making waves, tell us at!