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SDMS President's Message - December 2017

by Tammy Stearns

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Tammy Stearns 200x300 with paddingDear SDMS Members,

It is amazing how quickly time flies, isn’t it? I remember as a child how the summer and winter breaks seemingly lasted forever. Yet, today, it seems that they are over almost as soon as they begin.

As I reflect back on the past year in sonography, I am excited about our ever-changing profession. From newly emerging technology to the various uses of sonography across the globe, it is truly inspiring to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. When we look at our individual contributions to our patients and our profession, I am sure there are moments for each of us when the reality of what we have chosen to do with our lives transcends the challenges of the profession. As sonographers, you make a difference with every patient you scan - each and every one.

I am excited about the upcoming year. The challenges in our profession provide the opportunity for change, growth, and collaboration. Throughout the past year, our SDMS staff has undertaken the strenuous task of updating and overhauling our most foundational membership tools. It has been a difficult and long year for them, but it has positioned us to take advantage of future opportunities. We will begin 2018 with the most up-to-date membership platforms which will help our staff to better meet your needs as well as provide opportunities for you to use your talents to serve the sonography community. It has been inspiring to observe each of them working tirelessly towards the common goal of the betterment of our profession.

As we start the new year, I encourage you to make 2018 the year that your personal reasons for choosing sonography find their way back into the forefront of your life. Let us find the joy again in lifelong learning, imaging life for the first time, and discovering the culprit of our patients’ complaints. Let us not grow weary, but strive to be the best that we can.

Tammy Stearns

Tammy Stearns, ​MS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS
SDMS and SDMS Foundation President

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