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SDMS President's Message - August 2023

by Catherine Rienzo
Catherine Rienzo Dear SDMS Members,

As my term as President of the SDMS draws to a close, I am filled with honor and pride. It has been an extraordinary journey that I am immensely grateful to have shared with you and the other SDMS members. I remember the day I took up this position with excitement and trepidation, knowing the weight of responsibility that came with it. Over the past two years, we have achieved remarkable milestones together, and I firmly believe that our Society will continue to flourish. Each one of you, our dedicated members and volunteers, has played an integral role in this success, and your unwavering commitment amazes me.

We have fostered a vibrant and inclusive community where knowledge thrives, ideas flourish, and meaningful connections are forged. Our collective passion for professional growth, innovation, and collaboration has determined our strategic plan.

From the SDMS Annual Conferences that spark intellectual curiosity to insightful virtual events that impart valuable knowledge, we have continuously strived to enrich the experiences of our members. I am also immensely proud of our Journal, the JDMS, and the other diverse resources we have provided, enabling each member to flourish in their respective specialties.

Moreover, the SDMS Foundation initiatives have touched countless lives, positively impacting our profession and the patients we serve. Whether through the Emerging Leaders program, scholarships, or educational, research, and certification exam grants, we have embodied the true spirit of professional learning and excellence.

I must extend my deepest gratitude to the exceptional team of volunteers, the Board of Directors, committee and task force members, and the SDMS staff whose dedication and hard work have been the bedrock of our success. Your tireless efforts and selfless contributions have made a significant difference, and I am genuinely honored to have worked alongside each of you.

As I step down from this role, I have complete confidence in the incoming leadership's ability to carry our mission forward with the same zeal and determination. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the incoming President, Mitzi Roberts, EdD, RDMS, RDCS, RT(R), FSDMS. She will be inducted as President at the upcoming SDMS Annual Conference and I know that the SDMS will thrive under her guidance.

As I bid farewell to the position of President, I will always cherish the memories, experiences, and personal growth this role has afforded me. I am eternally grateful for your trust and support throughout my tenure, and I am excited to continue contributing as the Immediate Past President of this incredible Society.

With warmest regards and best wishes

Catherine Rienzo

Catherine E. Rienzo, EdD, RT(R)(ARRT), RDMS, FSDMS
SDMS and SDMS Foundation President