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Meet Doc Shields, BA, AA, RDMS – SDMS Foundation Advanced Degree Scholarship Recipient

by SDMS Staff

Doc ShieldsDoc first became interested in ultrasound after her son was born with an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. She noted that “the amazing sonographers that scanned him and later performed the fetal echocardiogram on my daughter had so much compassion and knowledge. They motivated me to pursue ultrasound.” Doc has always loved teaching and while in school for sonography she found that she was able to able to learn even more when she broke the information down and taught it to her peers. Doc feels that she has found her calling as a sonographer and that her true joy and passion lies in passing on the knowledge and skills of what she calls an “amazing profession”. She looks forward to continuing her education since her Masters of Science in Radiologic Sciences would give her the tools to better express herself and teach the lessons that she wants to pass on to her current and future students.