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Sonographer "Primary Source" Verification

Essential ​resources for "primary source" verification of sonographer certification, credential, registration, or state licensure.

This resource ​assists employers and others who need ​an official "primary source​" verification ​of sonograph​er certification, credential, registration, ​or state licensure. Primary source verification is often required during the sonographer hiring process or ​when a sonograph​er certification, credential, registration, ​or state license ​is renewed (e.g., as required by The Joint Commission's Standard HR.01.01.01 EP2​ & EP3 1).

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DISCLAIMER: The SDMS is not a primary source or a credentials verification organization (CVO). This resource simply links users to each available primary source for verification of sonographer certifications, credentials, registrations, and licenses. Therefore, the SDMS makes no warranty of the information provided by these organizations and state agencies.

Certification/Credentialing Organizations

Use the following sonographer certification/credentialing organizations' resources to verify a sonographer's certification, credential, and registration status.2


American Registry for Radiologic Technologists

Certification, Credential, & Registration Verification External Link


Sonographer Credentials: 
Note: Information is also provided about ​those who are subject to probation/sanction​ or not found.

American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Certification, Credential, & Registration Verification  External Link
Other ​Verification Resources External Link

Sonographer Credentials: 
Note: Other Verification Resources includes Retired List, Sanctioned List, Request Status Letter, etc.)

Cardiovascular Credentialing International

Certification, Credential, & Registration Verification  External Link

Sonographer Credentials: 
Note: Includes a sanction list and possible reasons why someone may not appear on the verification page.

State Licensing Agencies

Currently, only the following 4 U.S. states license sonographers. Each state's licensure information is considered a "primary source" for a sonographer license. Be sure to read the linked websites' information and instructions carefully.

New Hampshire Seal

New Hampshire
Board of Medical Imaging ​& Radiation Therapy

Note: On the ​NH website, select "Med Imaging Radiation Therapy" from the "Profession" dropdown list.
New Mexico Seal

New Mexico
Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Program

Note: On the NM website, scroll down and select the "List of Active NM Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Professionals" (PDF). A verification letter request form ​is available (PDF).

North Dakota
Board of Medical Imaging ​& Radiation Therapy


Oregon Seal

Board of Medical Imaging


1 2019 Comprehensive Accreditation Manual For Hospitals (PDF Manual). Joint Commission Resources. Oakbrook Terrace, IL:2018:HR-3.

2 The ​information and logos may be subject to copyright or trademark by the respective certification/credentialing organization.