Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

The SDMS is dedicated to helping sonography students start their career off right. Joining the SDMS is a student’s first step in making sonography a career and not just a job.


This campaign is open to program directors, clinical coordinators, or other faculty of sonography (or related) educational programs. To be eligible, faculty must be current SDMS members at the time that the student joins and the referral is made. 

Faculty members will be credited $5 for each student* recruited based on the Student Verification Form provided by the student. Any credit earned throughout the year will be calculated at the time of the recruiter's membership billing and will be deducted from the ​upcoming year's membership dues. (Credit may not exceed the membership dues amount.) 

* Must be a new student member (currently enrolled in a sonography or related program) who has never been a member of the SDMS.

For more information, contact the Membership Department at 800-229-9506 x 111 or

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