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SDMS Salary & Benefits Re​sources

The SDMS Salary & Benefits Reports provide in-depth salary and benefits data for the profession including compensation for sonographers by credential, bonuses and salary increases, benefits provided, hours worked per week, and the average number of scans performed in a typical workday. The reports are available for purchase in the SDMS Store and are free to SDMS members.

UPDATED: The SDMS Compensation Calculator utilizes the latest data from the reports to allow SDMS members to customize salary estimations based on​ their own credentials and experience.

SDMS Salary & Benefits Reports

The SDMS Sonographer and Sonography Educator Salary & Benefits Reports provide the most current and comprehensive information related to sonographer income and benefits. The reports are available for purchase in the SDMS Store for $95 (free to SDMS members).

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SDMS Compensation Calculator

Updated! The SDMS Compensation Calculator allows SDMS members to generate customized compensation reports based on various variables including position, education level, years of experience, credentials, and other demographic information. The Calculator is available only to current SDMS members.

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