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  1. Sonomoji Button  Sonomoji Button
    Proclaim your pride in sonography with the Sonomoji button. Perfect to wear with scrubs or pin to a backpack or bag.
  2. Sonomoji Poster  Sonomoji Poster
    Celebrate sonography with the Sonomoji – Express Yourself poster. The 17”x22” poster is sure to be a topic of conversation wherever it is displayed. This item will arrive folded.
  3. Sonomoji Socks  Sonomoji Socks
    Have fun and celebrate sonography while adhering to your work dress code. The Sonomoji tube socks also make great stirrup covers.
  4. Sonomoji Shopping Tote  Sonomoji Shopping Tote
    The Sonomoji shopping tote is a fun way to celebrate sonography.