Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography


The SDMS provides opportunities to earn and offer continuing medical education (CME). We also have educational resources for the sonography community.

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The SDMS offers members unlimited access to SDMS CME credits and the SDMS CME Tracker, which submits your CME transcript to the ARDMS. 

 Offer CME

Offer CME

The SDMS CME Management System and ​the SDMS CME Tracker system simplify the way CME providers apply for and document their SDMS CME activities.


Educational Resources

The SDMS Learning Department has opportunities to volunteer, a compiled list of educational resources, and a discussion forum that allows members to collaborate on issues related to sonography. 

 Work Related Injury Prevention

Work-Related Injury Prevention

Career-ending work-related injuries can best be prevented by teaching students how to avoid them.