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"A"ppendix to Z of RLQ Pain

by Alisa Hutchinson, BS, RDMS, RVT

 A to Z of RLQ pain is an overview of several possible abnormalities and an in depth review of some of the most common causes of RLQ pain that can be evaluated using ultrasound techniques. Learn how to "think outside" the box and go above and beyond what a provider has ordered to evaluate a patient's RLQ pain symptoms. Along with the RLQ pain symptom, a sonographer can utilize laboratory values, other clinical indicators, patient demographics such as age and gender, and occurrence of symptoms to aid in a diagnosis. Technique and knowledge of anatomy are very important because each of these differentials require different depths, transducers and scanning maneuvers to better visualize the pathologies. There is such a wide range of possibilities, besides appendicitis, that can be routinely diagnosed by ultrasound when in the hands of an experienced and well educated sonographer. With practice, several differentials can be evaluated for with ultrasound alone in one examination, and the use of high radiation testing, such as CT, or a more expensive method, such as MRI may be prevented. The appropriate sharing and teaching of this knowledge, so that all sonographers in a department are on the same page, will gain confidence and trust in ordering providers and radiologists and ultimately a much better patient care experience. 

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