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2017 Call for Volunteers

by Mary Rodriquez

The SDMS depends on volunteers to accomplish its mission and strategic goals. Volunteer opportunities with the SDMS range from long-term commitments such as committees to micro-volunteer projects that are shorter in nature.

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Sign Up Today

The deadline to submit your volunteer application is Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following categories:

  • Advocacy
  • Annual Conference
  • Author
  • Charitable Activities
  • Content Development
  • Governance
  • Review/Judge
  • Present/Lecture
Your application for volunteer service will be carefully reviewed and considered. Every attempt is made to accommodate those interested in volunteer service, but no guarantee can be made that every application will result in an appointment. Also, note that you must be an SDMS member in good standing to serve as an SDMS volunteer.

Committee selections will be announced by September 30. The term of service is two years and begins October 16, 2017. Micro-volunteer appointments occur on an as needed basis.