Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

SDMS CME Tracker

The SDMS CME Tracker logs and transmits all SDMS-approved CME credit activities to the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) on a daily basis. Use of the SDMS CME Tracker is an SDMS member only benefit. SDMS members must provide their ARDMS registry number and be a current ARDMS active registrant to participate in the SDMS CME Tracker program. 

How the SDMS CME Tracker Works

  1. Successfully complete any SDMS-approved CME activity (i.e. JDMS CME test, SDMS Webinar Series, SDMS Annual Conference, etc.) 
  2. Your SDMS CME credits are automatically recorded on your personalized CME transcript in your Membership Profile and transmitted to the ARDMS on a daily basis. 

Important Note: If you also complete non-SDMS-approved CME credits from another source and are audited by the ARDMS, you will need to submit evidence of completion. Please consult with the ARDMS regarding audit requirements. SDMS CME credits are only tracked after you become an SDMS member and start completing SDMS-approved activities. Any CME credit received before you were an SDMS member will not be tracked by the SDMS CME Tracker.