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Sonomoji​ Stickers for Apple iMessage

published by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS)

Step 1

Purchase Sonomoji ​sticker ​pack from iTunes.
Download on the App Store
Step 1
After you click "Buy" and confirm payment, it will automatically install into iMessage.

Step 2

Open iMessage, just as if you were going to send a new text. Click the button that looks like an "A" to access your sonomoji.
App Button
iPhone Step2

Step 3

Depending on your settings, or if you have previously installed other iMessage stickers, your sonomoji may appear. If they do, you can skip to step 7. If not, click the four gray dots at the bottom left corner of the window.

iPhone Step3

Step 4

​Next, click on "Store".

iPhone Step 4

Step 5

Click on "Manage". (Optional: If you want to automatically add all future iMessage compatible apps to your app drawer, you can turn on "Automatically Add Apps".)

iPhone Step 5

Step 6

Scroll down until you find "Sonomoji" and turn it on. Sonomoji will now show up in your app drawer when you click the app icon shown in step 2. Click "Done" at the upper right to return to iMessage.

iPhone Step 6

Step 7

Tap a ​Sonomoji with your finger to insert it into a chat bubble (Note: ​You must have selected at least one recipient ​before trying to insert a Sonomoji).

Step 8 - Sticker Action!

This takes a little practice. But for someone with the fine motor control and dexterity of a sonographer, it shouldn't be a problem.

Touch and hold your finger on a Sonomoji for about one second, until it "lifts". Without letting go, drag it up to the chat window. Again, without letting go, place a second finger right next to the one that is holding the sticker. Spread your fingers slightly and rotate them to resize and rotate the sticker until you have it right where you want it. Let go, and it will stick in the chat window!

Note: Only recipients using iMessage on an Apple iOS device will see the sticker on their end exactly as you placed it. Recipients with other devices ​may see it as a separate image in a new chat bubble (note that they can save the Sonomoji to their device's photo/images library so they can later ​insert them into their favorite texting app).

iPhone Step 4

Sonomoji Sticker​ Pack for iMessage

Sonomoji is an add-on ​pack of 12 sonography-related stickers for use ​in Apple's iOS iMessage app. It requires Apple iOS 10.0 or later (Hint: you should always keep your device's iOS up-to-date to help protect your device and information from nefarious types).

Availability: The Sonomoji ​sticker pack is only available through Apple's iTunes App Store.
Price: ​Only $0.99 (USD). ​All net proceeds go to support the charitable mission and programs of the SDMS Foundation.

Don't have an iPhone/iPad or want to use Sonomoji on your computer? Get the companion Sonomoji Web App. ​It ​keeps your favorite Sonomoji close so you can ​use them wherever an image can be pasted in ​your software or browser (e.g., Microsoft Word, ​Outlook, Facebook, etc.). It's free! (Of course, you are still welcome to donate to the SDMS Foundation.)




If you still need help us​ing the Sonomoji sticker pack for iMessage after following the steps listed here, please contact our IT staff for assistance.

Phone: +1 214.473.8057 or 1.800.229.9506
Email: Use our online form


Privacy Policy

The Sonomoji  sticker pack does not collect any personal information or do anything other than provide sonography-related emoji (and fun) in Apple's iMessage (for iOS 10.x or later).