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2019 SDMS Virtual Conference - Fall Schedule

2019 SDMS Virtual Conference Schedule

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2019 SDMS Mini Vascular Virtual Conference

Saturday, ​October 19, 2019
10am - 1pm Central

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Pricing: $​89 SDMS Members / $​189 Non-Members

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SDMS Vascular Virtual Conference - Philip Bendick

Dr. Phillip J Bendick, PhD, RVT, FSDMS

Editor Emeritus
Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

TCD Basics [VT]
Transcranial duplex (TCD) sonography now has a wide number of appropriate clinical applications, but this test is not performed in many vascular settings. This talk will focus on the basics of the TCD examination and describe the rationale for many of these accepted applications.

10 Things Sonographers Should Do - But Often Don’t [SPI]
With more complex protocols and the demand for higher patient volumes, sonographers may not feel they have the time to take advantage of the advanced features of today's machines. This talk will highlight ten such features and how they can positively impact the diagnostic quality of an examination.
Evaluation of Venous Insufficiency in Three Simple Steps [VT]
This talk will describe the techniques and protocol necessary for a complete duplex sonography examination for lower extremity venous insufficiency. It will cover gray scale, color Doppler, and spectral Doppler details with appropriate machine settings. The focus will be on the deep venous system, the superficial venous system, and the perforating (communicating) veins, as well as the relative importance of each of these systems for the varying types and severity of insufficiency commonly seen in the vascular laboratory.

2019 SDMS Abdominal Virtual Conference

Saturday, ​November 9, 2019
10am Central

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Robert DeJong

M. Robert DeJong, RDCS, RDMS, RVT, FSDMS

Former Technical Manager of Ultrasound
The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Ultrasound’s Role in Patients with Hypertension: It’s Not All About Renal Artery Stenosis
Ultrasound can be a great screening tool to evaluate patients who present with hypertension. However not every patient needs a full renal artery study. Most clinicians are simply looking for some simple information that can be quickly and easily determined with ultrasound. Come learn what patients need a full renal artery study and which patients only need a renal study with a few Doppler signals.

Kathryn Wampler

Kathryn Wampler, BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)

Clinical Education Coordinator
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Solid Liver Lesions: Differential Diagnosis and Evaluation
This presentation will review various types of benign and malignant solid liver lesions. Discussion will include the role that sonographers play in identifying and evaluating hepatic neoplasms through knowledge of liver anatomy and understanding of etiologic factors and clinical presentation. The sonographic appearance of various solid hepatic neoplasms will be reviewed to formulate a differential diagnosis.

Scott Leonard

Scott Leonard, MS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, CTT+

Senior Manager for Clinical Sales

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) of the Liver
This presentation explains the current clinical use of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound using Lumason in the evaluation focal hepatic lesions in adult and pediatric patients.

Amy Lex

Amy Lex, MS, RT(R), RDMS

Luminary Account Manager

Elastography Overview
This session will provide an overview of liver elastography imaging and its role in general imaging.

Deborah Szigeti

Deborah Szigeti, BS, BA, RDMS, RVT

Regional DMS Director
American Institute 

Curious Case Studies
The session will share interesting abdominal ultrasound case studies from various facilities, and discussion will include various pathologies, variations, differential diagnoses, and sonographic descriptions.

2019 SDMD OB Virtual Conference

Saturday, ​December 7, 2019
10am Central

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1. If you attended and claimed SDMS CME credit for any of the above sessions at the 2018 SDMS Annual Conference, you are not eligible to receive credit for those sessions. 

2. If you attended and claimed SDMS CME credit for any of the 2019 SDMS Vascular Virtual Conference sessions in June 2019, you are not eligible to receive credit for those sessions.