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2019 SDMS Vascular Virtual Conference
Saturday, June 8, 2019
10am - 4pm Central

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SDMS Vascular Virtual Conference - Philip Bendick

Dr. Phillip J Bendick, PhD, RVT, FSDMS

Editor Emeritus
Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

10:00 ​am - TCD Basics [VT]
Transcranial duplex (TCD) sonography now has a wide number of appropriate clinical applications, but this test is not performed in many vascular settings. This talk will focus on the basics of the TCD examination and describe the rationale for many of these accepted applications.

10:50 ​am - 10 Things Sonographers Should Do - But Often Don’t [SPI]
With more complex protocols and the demand for higher patient volumes, sonographers may not feel they have the time to take advantage of the advanced features of today's machines. This talk will highlight ten such features and how they can positively impact the diagnostic quality of an examination.
11:45 am - Evaluation of Venous Insufficiency in Three Simple Steps [VT]
This talk will describe the techniques and protocol necessary for a complete duplex sonography examination for lower extremity venous insufficiency. It will cover gray scale, color Doppler, and spectral Doppler details with appropriate machine settings. The focus will be on the deep venous system, the superficial venous system, and the perforating (communicating) veins, as well as the relative importance of each of these systems for the varying types and severity of insufficiency commonly seen in the vascular laboratory.

SDMS Virtual Conference - Brian Sapp

Brian Sapp, RVT, RPhS

Vascular and Vein Center Consultant
Partner Truffles Vein Specialists

CEO, Registered Vascular Solutions

1:05 am - Post Ablation Ultrasound: What Is It and What Are We Looking For? [VT]
Manufacturers often minimize the importance of the post ablation ultrasound. This talk will include optimal post ablation protocols and its impact on your vein practice and how to classify and manage Endothermal Heat Induced Thrombus (EHIT).

1:55 am - Diagnosing Venous Compression and Congestion [VT]
Iliac vein compression plays an important role in the management of venous disease. This talk will discuss protocols and scan techniques for iliac vein duplex and explain how the lower extremity venous duplex can increase acuity in the diagnosis of proximal pathology.

Please Note: If you attended and claimed SDMS CME credit for any of the above sessions at the 2018 SDMS Annual Conference, you are not eligible to receive credit for those sessions.