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Meet Eden Cole - Sonography Student Scholarship Recipient

by SDMS Staff

Eden Cole

Congratulations to ​Eden Cole! She is a recipient of the SDMS Foundation Sonography Student Scholarship.

Eden Cole wanted ​to be a sonographer because this role embodies everything she was looking for in her future career -- a career that not only allows Eden to help people, but challenges her, and is ever-growing. She has always loved anatomy/physiology as well as working with people, and ultrasound is the one radiologic modality that provides both.

“As a sonographer, you are the doctor's eyes, and so much of ultrasound relies on the tech's abilities to recognize what they are looking at and be able to differentiate normal versus abnormal. I love the independence and accountability that being a sonographer provides,” Eden stated.

Eden Cole is incredibly hard-working, compassionate, and possesses a hunger to learn.

Eden stated, “I worked hard to try and set myself up for the best future possible. I am also very proud of my 4.0 GPA, especially throughout ultrasound school. This has easily been the hardest schooling I have ever gone through, information and learning to scan. I worked incredibly hard to be successful through this program.”

It is Eden Cole’s dream to be a sonographer, and she is excited to be living her dream.

Best wishes to Eden from the SDMS Foundation.

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